Thursday, April 11, 2013


    As I sit here and write this the most beautiful spring sounds are coming through the window.   And as sad as I am that is raining I am so glad warmer weather is here.  I feel so behind with our outdoor projects and can hardly wait to put all my ideas in to place.  The front porch and our back deck is an extension of our home in the warmer months,  our favorite place to be.   Since I have a graveyard of unused furniture in my basement and garage, I am going to get the paint out and reuse what I have.  I have one of these in my basement.  It was headed to our garage sale pile.  But yesterday the light bulb went off to make it into an outdoor coffee table.

Oh how I loved this pottery barn play table.. seems like yesterday when my nine year old was just a toddler playing with his matchbox cars and my Golden Cooper was chewing on the corners.  So off to sand and decide on paint colors.  

Loving this photo I found on Country Living... love the color combos and feel of this outdoor space.  Hoping we can recreate something like this on our back deck.  


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