Monday, March 4, 2013

Shop Keeping

Back when I was a kid I loved to play store.. writing up receipts and bagging up goodies.  I think it stemmed from the time I used to spend with my Dad at his office in Carew Tower.  Back when things were just a bit simpler.. I could hop on the elevator and ride to the 1st floor, tip the elevator attendant an run off to Pogues. It was the most wonderful department store and I loved to wander through it for hours.  I loved to watch the sales ladies at work and was always in awe.  I guess that's why I went off to college to study retail marketing.  After graduating and spending 20 years in my retail career I now find myself at home, with my sweet 9 year old boy.  

My love of retail has never gone away and so now I have my little shop to keep.  My little shop of vintage goods luci wallis is full of vintage horse show ribbons and other vintage finds.  We thoughtfully wrap everything up with a beautiful bow and always include a little extra surprise.. Because really who doesn't love a little surprise.  And of course we hand write you a note to express our sincerest thanks.  Follow along on our little blog to keep updated on shop news, events and projects.  

Chat soon,

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