Sunday, August 11, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Shop girl

As I sit in my shop waiting for that wave of customers to come in.. I have time to think.. And when I say think I mean what can I switch around..

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Brick and Mortar

We are officially open in our store located in Southgate, Kentucky.. about 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati.  We offer vintage goods, vintage inspired gifts and painted furniture.  Don't you love our sign!  Not the best photo.. but one talented lady painted it..Kijsa Housman and you should run to her site because she has the most beautiful pieces and she creates them all.
We will be open bi monthly so we can always switch the store around to offer new and fun things.  Check out our facebook page so you can get all the details.


Friday, April 26, 2013

What you do

That love of vintage I have.. the love my husband just doesn't get.   He can't figure out , why I get up at 6am and head to the fairground the first Sunday of the month.  He wonders why I bring home rusty pieces of junk..  it's just my love of vintage... it makes me smile when I sand and paint and bring that piece back to life

And then he gets it.. my style and love of vintage... 
So now I have to pull the six pieces of  new "junk" out of the garage... it's Friday and it's time to paint we have a shop to fill.. I guess I should tell him he will be spray painting today.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Building a shop

  I have dreamed of opening a shop since I was a little girl.  After I left my career in retail last year it has always been on my mind... taking the leap that was the hard part.  I wanted to open a place where I could offer vintage and new goods and most important it had to go hand and hand with my online business at Etsy.
So as luck would have it.. a place came available that I have been looking at for quite some time.  It's teeny tiny but it's a great start for what I am looking to do.

We will be offering vintage items and sprinkling in new merchandise a little at a time.   We have some outdoor space so it will be a great place to have sales on the weekend.  Along with vintage items we will be stocking our painted vintage items and custom painting.

It is a small square space with neutral tones and great light.  Which will allow me to take great photos for my merchandise on Etsy.    We are located in Southgate Kentucky right next to a wonderful florist.  Southgate is conveniently located about 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati.  So if your close by stop by and see us we will be opening the end of May.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


    As I sit here and write this the most beautiful spring sounds are coming through the window.   And as sad as I am that is raining I am so glad warmer weather is here.  I feel so behind with our outdoor projects and can hardly wait to put all my ideas in to place.  The front porch and our back deck is an extension of our home in the warmer months,  our favorite place to be.   Since I have a graveyard of unused furniture in my basement and garage, I am going to get the paint out and reuse what I have.  I have one of these in my basement.  It was headed to our garage sale pile.  But yesterday the light bulb went off to make it into an outdoor coffee table.

Oh how I loved this pottery barn play table.. seems like yesterday when my nine year old was just a toddler playing with his matchbox cars and my Golden Cooper was chewing on the corners.  So off to sand and decide on paint colors.  

Loving this photo I found on Country Living... love the color combos and feel of this outdoor space.  Hoping we can recreate something like this on our back deck.  


Monday, March 4, 2013

Shop Keeping

Back when I was a kid I loved to play store.. writing up receipts and bagging up goodies.  I think it stemmed from the time I used to spend with my Dad at his office in Carew Tower.  Back when things were just a bit simpler.. I could hop on the elevator and ride to the 1st floor, tip the elevator attendant an run off to Pogues. It was the most wonderful department store and I loved to wander through it for hours.  I loved to watch the sales ladies at work and was always in awe.  I guess that's why I went off to college to study retail marketing.  After graduating and spending 20 years in my retail career I now find myself at home, with my sweet 9 year old boy.  

My love of retail has never gone away and so now I have my little shop to keep.  My little shop of vintage goods luci wallis is full of vintage horse show ribbons and other vintage finds.  We thoughtfully wrap everything up with a beautiful bow and always include a little extra surprise.. Because really who doesn't love a little surprise.  And of course we hand write you a note to express our sincerest thanks.  Follow along on our little blog to keep updated on shop news, events and projects.  

Chat soon,